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every time i look at the new pbe changes i see 70 % + new skins or new champions and very few balance changes this worry's me as old champions are being left in the dust . not that no champion updates are being done its just the main focus seems to be on NEW content. i can say definitively that what many of the community want is not new champions to "play" (learn) we want the champions we have and have come to love be made usable after such neglect wither you agree or disagree with this you must admit some champions are mow just better versions of the old counterpart im not going to make the comparisons for you , you know who thay are but its so sad to have things just fade into the background or nerfed because a new champion abuses there main item ..(hate seeing old champs nerfed to fit new item s :( )... just feels like the balance is just new > old and that's not relay great for players who grew to love the game for what it was many of these people helped make the game what it is today and are completely disenfranchised by the changes or of lack of changes and focus on new that have been made if im honest what i want is to not feel so hemed in by meta having the fun and off meta choice is fun to play il admit it dosent work in some situations but the choice needs to be there ( its not my main point ) rip AP shaco top ,Rip hecarim top Rip vayne top (if u cant tell im a top player :P) regardless of where you play im sure you have felt the encroach of the new champions and the push towards using them over the old ones thanks to anyone that comments i just want love for the old guard {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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