God King Event - Who did you choose?

With the addition of the god-king event, I thought it would be fun to find out who choose which path, and why? Did you side with Garen because of your sense of Justice and wanting to right the wrongs of the world? {{sticker:garen-swing}} Or Did you side with Darius, to cull the weak and leave the world for the strong? {{sticker:darius-angry}} Or did you just choose one because the icon was prettier? Personally, I haven't gotten home and had the chance to decide yet, but I'm likely to go with darius purely because I love wolves in general, and since he's the Wolf in this Wolf vs Lion battle... He wins my vote! Side note: It'd be interesting if Riot released the statistics after this event to show which path had a more popular following. Update: I've since sided with Darius because woof.
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