Anivia has been my g to champ since I started playing about 5 years ago. And lately the champ has changed a lot first th nerf in ult range cause of thunderlords...seemed fair but unecessary since thunderlords got nerfed afterwards many tmes anyways. Then there was the ult rewamp which later got properly changed so now its more of a skill dependant tool (gj riot). But then there was also the changes to frosbite when it would do double damage...oh god...lets take the range from ult so trading with anivia has to be fair an well played ok this one I get, but limiting double damage to only when someone is stunned with Q or R is fully charged is overdoing it, now I am forced to sit back and farm or go for bad trades since can't harass anymore, well yes peopl can argue you lack skill, but after 5 years and over 1k games with anivia I beg to differ, there is just so many champs who can jump/dash/flash that placing a realy good ult is practicaly impossible, everyone can dodge it. And yeah the wall cd reduction, but if i can't use it twice in a longer teamfight it realy does't make much diffrence it is just eye candy, a sweet number. So my thought is...either give R some more range or give back the Frostbite double damage on slows too.
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