Smurf Problem

Hi, I really enjoyed playing lol. But in the last season I already realized that I constantly play with lvl 30ish accounts that were skillwise clearly above my current rank. Now in preseason there are hardly any games without these accounts. When they are on my team, these are mostly easy games that we win. If they are on the opposing team, these are obviously hard games that I rarly win. Games with smurfs in both teams are completly coin flips. I know people will say you just have to play better, but frankly it's unrealistic that you are able to match these player and even if you able to do so other players in your team won't be able to match them. In my honest opinion, this problem destroys fair matchmaking and the outcome of games is determined by a randome variable that is who gets more and better smurfs and rarly by your own skill. I would really like to know if you experience similar problems or if I just have a very subjective perspective on this subject? Thank you, Dread dX
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