Just a little autofilled jungler tip

Being Autofilled jungle? No problem there is the safest Jungle pick that can hard carry your 0 jungle knowledge to an pretty safe way to win. If your autofilled jungle and wanna be useful just pick Nunu. That guy literally is so braindead and beginner friendly and also a good top tier jungler at the moment. He literally snowballs (no pun intended) the game for you. He has the most free ganks ever and clears his jungle really fast. You just can keep ganking with your snowball and get early leads on your team. After 4 months of constantly getting my main role toplane i got mysteriously filled into my second role jungle. With all the jungle changes i dont even know what the jungle does at the moment. But Nunu literally granted me the most free time i ever had in my jungle. I even outperformed the enemy smurf. So if ya autofilled Nunu will guarantee you an easy time in the jungle that wont get punished easily {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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