ARURF as an example and my humble offer ^^

Just played a few games in ARURF mode and realized how much the game turned into shit. There is not even the slightest chance that you will somehow change the outcome of the game. A player from Silver will easily beat a player from the Diamond League, simply because he has a better hero. When playing ARURF, the imbalance of the heroes is so noticeable that you just need to be blind so as not to see it. It's just awful and sad Well done Riot Games Poor Garen and Fizz, it’s painful to look at them, you just made the heroes not playable. Just for an example. Q Varus deals over 900 damage to any hero (not a tank) Ultimate Fizz won't even do 600 damage to a hero without magical defense. Logic Riot {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} My suggestion. Remove all "lethal items" from the game completely. Assassins won't get worse without them. Remember what happened before the "lethal items" appeared in the game, the assassins were already in the game, and they did not feel bad without these items. There was a delightful Akali, was an incredibly interesting hero Talon and others...
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