Any advice for building Aatrox?

I've been playing a lot of Aatrox lately, I have really been enjoying him. However, I'm slightly perplexed concerning his builds. I've tried several different routes, ranging from Botrk-Cleaver to Trinity-Titanic Hydra or even Rageblade. I might just not have play enough with each of these options, maybe I've just been (un)lucky - everything worked **great**. But therefore, I haven't really been able to decide on when I should build which of these items. So far, I've been going for the Trinity-Hydra route when I needed to be tanky, Botrk-Cleaver was pretty much my standard route and I switched something for a Rageblade when I anticipated to easily survive in a teamfight situation (which I should maybe avoid in the first place?). So does anyone have advice concerning this?
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