Season 10 - The Joke of Jokes.

I am more than upset with the way RIOT is killing such a great game/creation. Summoners Rift/Ranked is just URF now, what's the point in having a competitive game mode if it's not rewarding or doesn't have a skill representative to play. - Damage is a joke . - this is the biggest issue.. the damage is just so so so absurd..., it only increases no matter what you do. SPAM KEYBOARD. - Minions are useless.. who needs farm if you have damage and can farm champions without thinking. - Items.. again you don't need items maybe half of an item too 100 - 0 anyone. -Games last 15 - 25 mins and quite frankly it's become more evident peoples game end way before even then because of DAMAGE. - RIOT treat us the player-base in such a sadistic way.. we are all hopeful it will improve but riot abuse the fact we are all heavily addicted and have put so many hours into this game, so they pump out more skins and broken over kitted champions to sadistically get some more unbridled pleasure at our expense,rather than address really big game issues. - CHAMPION DIVERSITY/STRATEGY IS DEAD. RIP what once was an amazing competitive scene... that required time and effort, outplays and epic mastery of champions when climbing was enjoyable and feel good. In Essence the ESSENCE of League of Legends has been suffocated and killed for no other reason than trying to add shit fast game play that is as dry as watching the sun, not every game needs 0-100 mindless instant killing to be good. what's taken Leagues place is nothing short of a monstrosity.
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