Game Over in ten minutes?

I've only been back playing League after a year out for about a month now, but I swear about 90% of my games at the moment are genuinely won or loss in the first ten minutes. Whether it's because the enemy jungler afks after he gets 3-manned at Krug or my Draven goes 0/4 in 6 minutes and decides the game is over, or even my Jax calling for the ff after getting solo killed twice by Poppy. I don't even know, I swear League used to be a lot closer but now the games just seem to snowball off of a couple of kills and nobody wants to bother TRYING to claw back a win. It's just easier to go "gg go next". My mid Azir was calling for the surrender after picking INTO the matchup with Veigar, not running a defensive spell or building anything to try and survive the Veigar burst, revealing he had no idea how to play the champ, and then getting absolutely rolled. Of course after he starts complaining he then turns on us when we point out these facts. Junglers do seem to be a lot more powerful now, a couple of my games have been over before laning ends because mine or my opponents' jungler has gone absolutely batsh*t crazy and absolutely mauled all of the lanes, killing them multiple times and securing objectives early. A game I had a few hours ago the enemy popped Herald mid and NOBODY came mid to try and stop it, I was just sat trying to hold off 3 of them plus the giant f*cker whilst my top afk farmed and my bot was d*cking around trying to kill their adc and take the tier 1 tower. The Herald smashed all the way from tier 3 tower to the inhibitor, I was genuinely at a complete loss for words. Sometimes the games do go to late and it just becomes a coin-flip of "Which absolute cretin is gonna get caught first", and if you've got like a Jarvan or Vi, or any champ that can capitalise on somebody being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can try and snag an enemy out of position and then force a 4v5. In other instances you can try and stall the enemy if they snowball early and you've got a champion like Jax or Nasus that just decimate entire teams late-game, but that VERY rarely happens. Let me just clarify that this is just my experiences for the past few weeks in Gold, I don't know if it's any different at higher/lower elos or if this is just standard for mine, but I was just curious as to if anyone else's games seemed like this. Victory doesn't seem as satisfying if I don't really feel like I've earned it if the main reason we won is because the enemy Ezreal has given up because I've repeatedly murdered his mid or he gets ganked multiple times and dived. And then afks.
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