I don't know what to do anymore... (Ranked rant + seeking help)

Basically here's the story. I set a goal for myself last season in ranked to hit gold, mainly for the free skin but also cause most of my friends are gold or plat and I wanted to join them. I made it in 2 promo series, failing once due to an AFK (EDIT: was actually a troll Poppy, not an afk). Second time went smooth and made it to gold no problem with a very nice win rate, 55+% (may have been closer 60ish% but don't really remember). So this season I decided to raise the bar a little and shoot for the upper gold divisions since I made it so easily last season. But this season it's a whole different story, I have an abysmal win rate (I think it's close to 45%) and no matter what I do I can't seem to climb. Even when my MMR was sitting around gold 3 and i was making close to 30LP per win in high silver. Now I don't want to be that guy who blames everything on his team, I know everyone makes mistakes myself included, in fact you can see in my match history there are a few games where I feed. However, for the vast majority of my games, I win lane, come out fed and try to do everything I can to close games but there always seems to be that one lane on my team that gets absolutely dumpstered to the point where they are complete dead weight and useless. Just a couple examples from my last 20 games, 0/9 mid lane, 4/10 top lane, 2/10 top lane, 3/16 bot lane, 1/8 top lane, 10/20 bot lane, 1/11 jgl, 7/27 bot lane, so on and so forth. Basically what I'm trying to get at is, how in the satan's inside-out asshole am I supposed to climb like this. How do I deal with it and how can I carry harder, or get these team mates who have fallen so far behind back in the game. it's just so demoralizing because a lot of the times feeding is so avoidable, nobody listens to my pings, nobody listens when I type in chat to give advice and I hate to say this but it sometimes makes me quite toxic and very frustrated. My friends are gonna bully me if I start season 9 with a silver border send help pls. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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