Can ppl be banned for not playing usual game style?

I remember there was a player who played support nunu back then,and he was roaming around the enemy jungle and he got high ranks with play stay like this,but meanwhile the rest of the team reported him,because he didn't played >>> usual game style. After all he got banned,because ppl where reporting him for not playing the game the right way.So now,i was playing amumu,and all the rest guys went to the sides,so i was in the mid,because no one bothered,just to mention i was against 2 enemies at the time in mid alone with amumu.So i asked for help and none one ever responded,then i started to yell,for help! And then i said few rude words and then at least support came up to give a hand,btw that tower i lost before i got lvl 6. And guess what,i got banned because i said 2 rude words.So they didn't play the game the "right way" can i ask to ban them too? Like u riot banned that poor nunu back then????
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