Malphite changes to R

So in patch 9.15 Malphite received a "bug fix" for his ultimate: "Now casts at max range if used outside of max range" What was the reason for this? It not casting when aiming outside of the range wasn't a bug in my opinion. Previously, if you cast outside max range, you would walk a few steps and ult in when you got in range as far as I recall, and if you did anything between that time it would cancel it. Now as soon as you release R, it activates, irrespective of where your cursor is ), so just means you ult prematurely/miss targets. It's annoying because I will usually press R when running towards enemy to gank to gauge the range I will be able to go in from... you can cancel by right-clicking before you release R, but that is now an extra step that wasn't required previously. Is there any chance of this change being reverted? {{champion:54}}
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