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About the direction i think this game should take So originally i intended to just type out some of my thoughts about this game that i've been playing for about 7 years now. I was expecting this to become a rant. But while i'm not ingame i feel more rational about this. So i guess this is just me putting out there what bothers me about this game and being constructive about it. All of this has been going through my head a lot. I'll start out by saying that this game is a big part of my life. I still enjoy it a lot. Not just playing. But the entire community. Everything to do with it. From the world built by the Riot team with cinematics, stories, comics and how it translates through the champions thematic in game. The esports scene that just keeps growing bigger and better every season. The gameplay which i obviously love and am addicted to. I enjoy it. I love this game and its been an overall HUGE positive impact on my life. I made friends playing this game, i made great memories playing this game, i had rough times playing this game and i played a lot. I probably averaged around 700 Ranked games per season where i quickly climbed to diamond and stayed there for good :P. You can probably almost double that amount of time for all casual games i played. I'm not the best player. I consider myself pretty bad actually for that matter. I'm someone that struggles to improve really hard. I'd never accept coaching as i'm actually fairly sure i could improve a lot myself if i actually put my mind into it. Give myself certain goals to improve at, stop shifting blame completely and try my best as often as i possibly can. Everyone can do that. I truly believe that on average, there are no gifted or handicapped players. But i don't do that. And i know that. I can actually get pretty frustrated in game. I think most of us do, or maybe i'm wrong. But anyways i'm not here to say anything about "the game is unfair, its just luck or one role is better than the other". We're all in the same boat after all. I do feel like however. That there are things Riot can do better and where i straight up think they're dropping the ball. I'm gonna be very specific as well; My understanding is that they are trying to keep the game fresh constantly. No joke. I know right. This is probably extremely obvious to all of us. And it's important. It's what has kept this game relevant all this time and what made me stick to it. They go about this by adding and adding and adding things to the game constantly at a very fast pace. Things like new Skins, new champs, new mechanics, new items, new drakes - you get the point. This is not an easy task. And they did an overall very good job at it. No one can deny that. This game is huge. The gap between the competitors is huge. The money on the line is huge. I don't understand however why this has to come at the cost of gameplay. - And before i continue. I will not say this again. I think that since it's me whos typing this, it follows that this is my opinion. From my point of view it's factual for now. But i'm open to change my view and to have a discussion about it as well. - I'm gonna use the word agency here: for me it measures my ability to effect the outcome of the game through my actions alone. This can be via a variety of actions. Be it typing strategy in chat, pinging the right OR wrong call, mastering the positioning, damage output and item builds of my champion.. you get the point. I say this because, well frankly i'm not actually sure how agency is defined and i'm not going to look it up as this was always what i meant talking about it and it works to explain what i'm trying to convey here. So bear with me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. While agency can take on many different faces. I actually think it should show itself mostly through enjoyable means. This should make intuitive sense to most people. While i could do the right thing by playing PVE the entire game, or somehow actively win by solving numerous math equations or painting the Mona Lisa with some made up champion thats probably not why i queued up. I believe that this agency can be achieved by giving me multiple fair options per game to actively shift the tides of the battle in mostly slow ways that stack up. Which may just be a weird way of saying i want to play better than my opponent multiple times to win a game. I don't want to win the game of one play alone. And i want to have a fair shot from every angle of the map to have MY ACTIONS effect what is going to happen. What i do not want is that i can consistently do things in the game that are essentially unaffected by what happened before them but i also don't want things to be predetermined by them as well. This is very general and i'm going to give examples now which are just a small part of my greater view and don't represent the entire aspect of it. I do not want to play or play against champions that can 100 to 0 another one in 1 second most of the time with relatively little counterplay when being averagely stacked on gold and levels. Which means on actual average and not what was planned to be the average. I do not want to have low effort actions to have extremely high rewards. For example Release Rakan uUlting an entire team from Fog of War. Which, sure you CAN play around but is it really enjoyable to have such gamechanging plays originate from such unfavorable circumstances. I.E. not knowing where Rakan is 100% of the time late game. Fight me on those few examples. Like i said i'm just trying to bring across a point. Not solo out any specific champion, type of player or role. Again we are all in the same boat. I think that especially the newer champions reward very little effort greatly and can often come back from getting themselves in a bad simply because they can do extremely gamechanging things when their CD's are up as i believe the game is more and more reliant on "this champion is supposed to shine in this situation" as on "i have independently of my champion played to my strengths and tried all i could to gain an advantage". It's not like it's THAT extreme but it's getting worse and worse. I want Mordekaisers Ult to be his strongest ability and not be his "Well you're supposed to lose to Morde when he presses R, you dummy" Or "Well Pyke sure messed up here for the 5th time but you do realize that this champion is supposed to be slippery so he can't really die for his mistake." "If you don't want to lose 2/3 of your hp then check every brush for a Cait trap even when you have vision on all champions and just don't siege." I'm overexaggerating on purpose. I'm trying to get across a point. Theres a lot of unnecessary strengths and mechanics in this game that just get in the way of actual gameplay. Putting aside that i believe overall champion balance is being done too conservative. There shouldn't be so many unfun mechanics in the game. Sure dying is never fun but maybe what i'm trying to get at is that; even if you have a perfect 50% winrate on every champion (which most of the time is clearly not the case), some just have very interesting ways to achieve victory. The general direction this game is taking is one i will follow but i would VERY much appreciate if it would get a bit more strict on the competitive aspect. When a champion reaches an insane winrate it should be a major mistake and not happen on a regular basis. And just because i can win from every role doesn't mean the way of achieving it is equally enjoyable. And every role suffered from this. As expected for a game this old obviously but i still believe this idea is being overlooked too much. To get back to my agency. This is a 10 man game. There's gonna be one heck of a lot of unwinnable games. And there's gonna be approximately the same amount of EZ W's aswell. I understand that. That's not my point. I want the way theses victorys are achieved to be different. Like i kind of said earlier; this is would not have an effect on ones individual winrate. While i understand that certain roles at certain metas in certain games will have higher impact. Or the principle of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I am not talking about a bias here. Simply that i want everyone to have their ways of deciding the game be enjoyable. -- Now. I'm not gonna type a huge text on the other fairly large issue i have. Which is Player Punishment. I'm no judge. I understand that a banned account cannot buy skins and i understand that a company has to ban toxic behaviour. But from my point of view. I don't have to listen to anyone. I can just mute them or play without chat to begin with. From my personal preference my agency shouldn't come from me telling other people what to do aswell so the feature really shouldn't be too high priority. I know it's a team game. That's just my preference. (You can talk shit online imo. If you use hate speech and the sorts you should obviously be getting banned) I'm not gonna get ethical here and draw a line from hate speech to talking shit or something like, i'm not a judge. What ruins games for me, a player that plays to win. Is someone actively trying to lose. Be that by not trying to win or whatever. So that extremely hard to detect. And you'd have to draw lines there aswell and i have no easy solution. But i would like some transparency on what is being done on that front and if there are any plans at all that try and punish griefing harder. -- And with that, i'm basically done. I don't expect anyone to read all this. If you do, i'm eagerly waiting for your thoughts. And thanks. Sincerely A loyal Player

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