Katarina bugs

So hi everbody. As u can see by my name I'm a katarina main and there as 2 bugs (That I'm aware of and rly %%%% my gameplay) that needs to be fixed. 1 - Sometimes when I use E + W katarina freezes and it takes some time till W goes off. I know that is a little moment that after u use E u cant do nothing (what makes no sense but whatever) and it rly mess up the play. Some times u get hit by stuff cuz of it and some times W just dont even go out 2- When u use Q and the target dies right when the animation is finnishing ur Q goes on CD but the dagger didng even go off, so no dagger on the floor no damage dealt to other 2 enemys. And if u ping ur Q CD it says "Ready" when it isn't. Can u check this pls Riot? {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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