How do you get an S?

Recently I have been trying to get an S on Irelia {{champion:39}} for M7, I have played 2 games as shown above and have followed all the internet advice on how to get an S. In game 1 I played Irelia top, I got the highest farm and vision score, got a roaming kill early and had one of the highest gold earnings and damage dealt to champions. I got an A+ that game. Before that however I played her ADC, due to the fact I had heard that playing a champion in an off meta role makes it easier to get an S. This time too I died 0 times, got objectives and highest gold earning in the game, second highest total damage in the game and 3rd highest damage to champions in the game. I got an A. Can someone please explain the grading system? And if anyone in riot does end up seeing this somehow could you please make it clearer as to what needs to be done for an S grade?

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