Easy SOLUTION /Remove Dynamic Queue/Wreck It Ralph.

Not sure how to even try to make a QQ thread on Dynamic Queue that is different to countless other hard Dynamic queue haters. just a few tips though riot. Why can't you listen to the community just for once and remove DQ it's draining the life out of your game, just like VLAD and SWAIN are to most champs. 2. This one isn't really hard, its very plain and simple. just remove Ghostcrawler from the Riot employee team as he is also one of the main reasons the game is currently being destroyed. I don't want you to kill him, just tape his useless mouth up or chop his Wreck it Ralph hands off. 3. Balence, Balence, Balence.. Oh god what is that? Ghostcrawler I aim this one also at you. 4. Get some backbone for once, admit to your mistakes, stop pushing a idea onto a community that clearly hates it and the idea has proven on many scales just not to work.. COUGH DQ (DYNAMIC Q) 5. (Match Making and Premades) Time and time again getting a Unranked in elo's like Gold 4 + where they dont know how to cs or have any sort of awareness what so ever is utterly wrong. again REMOVE Dynamic Queue. 6. Lastly I personally would like to apologise to all the community and tell them how sorry I am that this Thread will go no further than a few up thumbs or downvotes and will not even be read or bothered with by a Riot employee. I am truly sorry to the fans/ the community that have loved this game for so long, only to be fucked over by greed and a stubborn idea. P.S did I mention, Poision Ghostcrawler? that might work?
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