New AD and Tank Items, where are APs?

Hey Guys, I just thought about how Leagues Item system works and came to the conclusion that the actual itemization is quite unfair. AD and Tanks just got a bunge of really, really powerfull items like Titanic Hydra, Rapid Fire Cannon and other things while the AP Items were nerfed even more. It's like so ok we give the ADCs more Damage and sustain and take away the damage and sustain from the AP Carry. My Problem as Azir main is: Azir is meant to be a Mage with Marksman character, so he is made to get sustained Damage. I just tried to play like this several times and every time, i saw that the spell vamp that is possible to get with Azir is really, really low like 5%. In Riots declaration, he is marked as primary role Mage and secondary Role Marksman which means he is made to have sustained damage, but it is completely impossible to play him to sustain because there are no Sustain Items for AP Carries. Is there something planned like rolling out new AP Items or do I really have to play these boring Tanks again. I hope this is not like this because this would just destroy my believing in LoL :(. At them moment it's still possible to play Azir into top- and midlane but it won't be possible any more when the new AD Assasin Item announced for patch 6.1 will come out. See you soon in the rift, HuntingFighter {{champion:421}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:60}}
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