How do you feel about Swain rework (and reworks in general)?

Just curious. I personally think Riot does it to create hype through something besides new champs, although this usually means shitting on fans of the champion. Sure, the toxic ones (old poppy, old rengar, old sion) deserved it, and were relatively successful in keeping the champs feel (if we ignore Sion having no real feel besides shield pushing and assassin poppy). Personally, I'm very disappointed. Yorick was butchered and turned into a splitpusher at best, and now Swain doesn't seem to look anything like what he used to be. He probably is trash versus assassins now, which used to be his best matchups. Makes me really sad, mained him since Season 3. Well, at least Evelynn actually does have the old stalkery feel (which, lets face it, is due to the perma-invisibility) and she's broken versus people who sleep through games. Sad that I overall dislike FOTM champs and need to endure these reworks just because Riot needs to find ways to keep the franchise going.
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