Xin Zhao one shots and dęath screens

Hi, Recently I had an interesting game against Xin support. That made me wondering because after lvl 6 I was constantly being 1shot by Xin with one damage item, duskblade. By 1shot I mean I was dying in 0.9 sec with his full combo. Its interesting to me because there was no duskblade proc and no electrocute proc. Also the damage in dęath screen didn't add up to nowewhere near the damage i took. It was at the level of 60-70% od the damage I would have to takie to die. So... Is it possibile to the stats to be that inacurate or there was something elese that could be going on? Also there was a possibile that he proc the knockup at his first aa but I would have to check the recap.
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