Aatrox is a dead end?

I saw that after few days of my request about a buff on Seju... she actually get a nice push and now she's viable once again :3 Probably was just a coincidence but I would like to try my luck on another champ that I think is a bit covered in dust those days... Aatrox! I know that once he was great and op and such... but in this meta he just cannot fill the spot he's suppose to take! He looks like a Shyvana mixed with a Zac, with a worst passive and less damage respect to both. Let's look at it! Your passive allows you to revive similary to Zac, but while Zac can efficiently bait the enemy team with his blobs and go back to full damage and stats after he recovers we cannot say the same for Aatrox! When he came back to life he's with almost no life and no blood in his pool, that means that he cannot do any damage, heal himself with the w and mostly of the time even escape.... The rest of the problem it's his skill kit. He actually have a nice Q skillshot with a good gapcloser and a very hard to land knock air. Nothing bad at it, it's cool and funny to master this skill... but it's his only gapcloser! While other farm champion like shyvana and Yi have their ways to run towards an enemy while harrassing him (Also Udyr, Xin..) If you miss the knockair, or even if you land it properly then you often get outrunned by every adc since your slow it's even harder to land if not point blank and stops your movement while casting. Now think about Naut: He can just use his E while moving... why can't it be the same for him? I think that just giving some more power after he recovers from passive and allowing him to use his E while moving could be a great way to improve his efficiency in game :3 Thank you all for reading, I hope to hear he opinion of a Rioter about this suggestion ^_^ Have fun :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} P.S. Sorry for my english :3
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