Final thought about urf.

Hey. so URF's almost over and Im dissapointed ;/ before you downvote and judge me please read my thoughts. First of all, it was the mode that was hyped for the whole year, and in the past it was always linked to first april.. we didnt get it on first april and even tho its a small thing, the tradition's dead.. my point is, they could just start rotation queues at first april and start it with urf but w/e. now about the game mode itself. I was waitiing for the game mode PURELY for having fun, Im high competetive person but it wasnt the case for me in urf. my first game was with udyr, followed up with singed etc etc.. I played everything that seemed like a fun, and what I noticed was a bunch of same picks EVERY GAME, just like in rankeds haha but that's fine I guess.. I mean if you're silver and you cant climb in ranked, you should at least tryhard in urf right?... right? ... pls someone tell me its a right thing to do :3 now riots issues. they didnt update coldowns properly, so before buying QSS I had no idea what cd would be which is kinda.. unproffesional.. same for trinkets etc. and the final thing that killed any motivation to even play the game mode was the next: I was hyped to play shaco in urf... nope not AP shaco, i wanted AD shaco.. playing it like im john wraith :3 (its a black dude from wolverine origins who blinks whenever he wants) oh well... and here goes riot.. they didnt allow shaco to place more than 6 boxes.. which is kinda..... poopy for this game mode. i mean whole concept is about stuff being broken.. and then, shaco isnt allowed to use his whole kit,, and as far as I know teemo either. so the point is, they either had to balance the whole game mode properly.. or not balance it at all :/ meh the game mode sucked.. sorry riot and community but the last one just killed it. lets bring balance to urf!! BUT lets just do that to only 2-3 champs, it's a good idea :3.... oh wait its not :c
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