Why was I given a loss?

Hi Guys, Riot, For some very unfortunate, unforeseen and inevitable reason, I had to AFK. It happened at ~30s into the game, in which I apologized to my team and explained that I could do nothing about this emergency. I told them I'd leave immediately, where I hoped they would get a remake so they wouldn't suffer from my forced AFK. After 10/15 minutes I was able to come back again, and I was surprised to see that I re-entered the same game, which means they didn't get or didn't decide to do the remake. So I apologized again, and from thereon I tried my very best to get a win after all. I was able to get back into the game real quick, contributed to some very important shutdowns and had a big impact on our team eventually winning the game. So when the end screen showed "Victory" I was happy and proud that we were able to still win, and most of all; I didn't let my team down. What followed was less amusing. I noticed, despite completing the "1st win of the day" quest, I was giving -17 LP. Which basically means I lost, while my team won. I really wonder why this mechanic exists. If an AFK player returns and plays out the game, should he really be punished as badly as someone who actually went AFK and (intentionally) let his team down? The -17 LP doesn't bother me too much. But I can imagine people, who briefly had to go AFK, have no desire to come back if their game results in a loss anyway. This system is letting the other 4 of the team down and actually contributes to an unhealthy environment. I'm hoping to find an answer on why Riot decided to use a system like this, and if they have any plans in the making about a possibly new and better system. Hemical
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