I will never understand how I lost this match

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Anadorius / Gold 4 0LP / 267W 253L Win Ratio 51% / Yasuo - 113W 88L Win Ratio 56%, Garen - 38W 19L Win Ratio 67%, Talon - 31W 23L Win Ratio 57%, Darius - 12W 17L Win Ratio 41%, Katarina - 7W 12L Win Ratio 37%
So I played a normal game today and I got a teemo support.He was really good and kind.We destroyed the enemy botlane and I reached 18/0/3(or something like that).I helped my team every teamfight.But there needed to be someone that destroyed our chances to win.My mordekaiser who was top against a tryndamere feeded him until morde got 0/13.Then my other teammates did the same thing.They just go yolo to 1v1 him even if he had ult and he had 20 kills(he finished with 36).I really don t know what could l do better(l finished with 28/5).Please tell me if I did something wrong!
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