Ranked full of toxic ppl and team difference is HUGE (Platin)

Hi, I played this game since season 3 and i never had such a bad ranked expierience. In every game there is at least one toxic teammate regardless of the preformance of his teammates. At first i thought "its the start of the season, it will fix itself over time". Now we are already a month into the season and things actually got even worse. I didnt wanted to whine about it but i just watched my match history and reaslised all my 20 games either we had a flamer/ragequiter or the enemy team had one. And if this isnt frustrating enough, all games are stomps eihter by us or the enemys. It is obious that the matchmaking has changed, there is no skill balance at all anymore. There are also a ton of boosted players around right now. I know there is nothing u can do to change the current gamestate, but i whish toxidity whould be punished way harder, to finally purge this poiseness community. Reports basically do nothing at all, the message of a penalty is so rare that im not even sure if it works appropiatly. Recently i got asked form the feedback system which games im playing outside of league... like what? Instead of asking me how i feel about the current gamestate u ask me this ? I dont know if this is just my view or if other ppl expierence the same issue. My intention with this discussion is to hear about other ppls view so feel free to leave a comment and to hopefully make penaltys way harder. (my english is a bit rusty grammar police can keep the mistakes for themselfes)
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