Reworks basically delete champions and replace them with new ones which are supposed to be the same

[]( I've found my love to Shaco again. When the assassin update hit and Shaco got nerfed patch after patch, he wasn't in a good spot and I did not like what he had become. I exclusively build on-hit on him, though he can't snowball as crazy anymore and without AD you don't do damage with such a build. Thus the recommended items are full of Lethality, but this isn't right either. I discovered a new build which takes the best out of the two and it is actually pretty decent on Shaco. {{item:1416}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3078}} I missed old Shaco since he got his update, and recently I discovered that he never really went away. His playstyle change a little bit, but his core playstyle and abilities are still the same. With this and the upcomming Akali rework, I began thinking a lot about about reworks and their affect on this game. Riot would never delete a champion, or so I've been told. You can request a champion to get deleted over and over again, but ultimately Riot ignores any claims and every champ will stay in the game. They rather trash a problematic champion {{champion:429}} and keep it in the game instead of deleting it. And Riot is pretty clear about it. Though when it comes to reworks, Riot doesn't seem to care even just a little bit about the old playstyle that a champion had. I am thinking about Evelynn a lot and how I miss her pre-rework. Today she is a completely different champion. You can argue that her abilities stayed somewhat the same: Q is still kinda spammable, her E is still point and click and her R is still AoE damage, but it is undenieable that her role and playstyle changed a lot. You see, an assassin with permastealth is somewhat busted. This is why Riot introduced Evelynns W, that signals who she is going to kill. And it's also the reason why Riot nerfed old Evelynn so much that she became the definition of a trash champion. but people figured out that you don't necessarily need to build her like an assassin. You build a lot of HP on her and wither your opponents down slowely. You could run into the enemy, do a little burst, and hopefully kill your target faster than they could kill you. Now Eve is all about the engage point and 100-0 in no time. While her thematic, visual design and abilities may be simmelar or even better, the feeling and playstyle of old Evelynn is totally lost. Basically what Riot did is they deleted old Evelynn and replaced her with a champion that is supposed to be her, but on a gameplay level is totally not her. Same goes for Sion, Poppy, Urgot, Taric, Yorick and all the other champions who got and will get a dramatic visual and gameplay "update". While it may create awesome and good champions, the old champions are basically deleted and their playstyles are lost. Aatrox is a very recent example where many players where dissapointed in it. Riot simply deleted Tryndamere 2.0 and replaced him with Riven 2.0. Now Riven 2.0 may be a cool champion and be a good thing for the whole game, but Tryndamere 2.0 is gone and as much as we know he will never return. ##How is it that Riot is so determined to never delete a champion, but when it comes to deleting a certain playstyle by reworking it they are totally up for it? --- --- --- #But how would I fix this? I want to shift your attention to the upcoming Nintendo game Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In case you don't know anything about it, it's a fighting game that is comming out for every major Nintendo console since the Nintendo 64. Each new game had new playable charactes which included both successes and failures. Nintendo kept the successes for each new game and failures where only exclusively available for that one game for that one console. But the upcomming Super Smash Bros Ultimate announced something which is very exciting: They are going to bring back EVERY playable character back from past games. Even "clones" which have the exact same moveset than other characters. They call them "echo fighters". Could LoL do something simmelar? Bring back old champions who were reworked? I am not asking for reverts, no, I ask to get old champions AND keeping the new ones. For example you bring back Tryndamere 2.0 but also keep Riven 2.0. Then we would have Aatrox two times. Same for every other reworked champions out there. Now we could go a lot into detail about this, but I am not a gamedesigner. Though I still want to brainstorm some ways on how you could implement this into the game: A champion could be unique, meaning you play one of the two (or more) versions of the champion and no one else could pick different versions. Or you could make them completeley independant from each other and multiple versions of one champion can be played on one team. How would you purchase champions? Are the champions seperate or do you get all versions of a champion if you buy one? Can those multiple versions be played in ranked or only in normal games? What about ARAM? Do you get the champion and then choose the version or are the versions independant from each other? As you can see there are many different ways how such "echo champions" could be implemented into League and how it's done is very very subjective. But it should be possible nontheless. And for those of you who worry about lore, I want to stress that the lore already is it's own entity which is loosely connected to the game. The game League of Legends makes no sense in terms of lore, so multiple versions of one character wouldn't break anything regarding lore. And those who worry about gamebalance, LoL already is a cluster%%%% where no one really knows what's supposed to be right for the game. So how bad can old champions be? ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ --- --- --- #tl;dr Personally I have mixed feelings about reworks. There are some good ones, but many change a champion completely to a point where the old one is basically deleted and replaced by one that is supposed to be that exact champion. Playstyles and the feel playing those champions get lost which is a bummer for many players who once played or even mained such champions. I think Riot should introduce "echo champions", which are basically pre reworked champions. Those are not reverts. Because we then have multiple versions of every reworked champion.
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