Coming back from a losing streak/bad MMR

So since at the beginning of this season i've been having really bad MMR because i only won 3/10 promo games, troughout the season 50% of my games have been silvers and plats in the same game. It's really hard to carry then, because it's just about who has the most higher elo players. Then when i finnaly started getting some descent mmr and normal games without these big elo diffrences, i got a big losing streak. Now only gaining 13 lp and losing 25 and still getting matched with plats and silvers in the same game, i always deal the most dmg of my team, i always win lane, i always know what the correct call is in most of the situations. But it's just uncarryable because it's just about who has the least ammount of bad players. And also the fact that you gain almost no lp and lose so much. I mean, if i win twice and lose once, i only gained 0-2 lp?! That just makes it impossible to come back from losing streaks and bad MMR. I hope league will make sure that we are going to get fair games next season, where you're all the same elo, because now, this system is broken.

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