Ashe Rendered USELESS...Bring Back Non stacked Q

I have played Ashe mainly since I began playing LoL and I now find she has been almost completely ruled out of the game. The Q nerf has left her really defenceless. If at any point of a enemy attack before the rework you stood a chance of fighting off the enemy or a kill. As now you have to stack the Q to even use the ability, there is nothing you can do but run. OK so stronger slows, this does not really get you out of trouble with the abilities against her. REMOVED NO DOUBLE-DIPPING Ashe can no longer build passive Focus stacks while Ranger's Focus is active REMOVED ONE ARROW AT A TIME Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow no longer add stacks of Focus I see the point in the two above to stop the endless flurry of Q but to take out the added damage of non stacked Q is hideous. Added with stronger slows and less damage just makes her painful to play. It feels more now that Ashe has a single ability, W. Personally never seen the need for E with a good team wards are plenty and that makes that useless to some degree of gameplay. Obviously Ulti is Ulti and still works as it should. It also seems to make builds a hard decision on what to do, Speed = no damage but faster Q stack and Damage = longer Q stack and still very weak until stacked. I just feel against all the other marksman they have ruled Ashe out the game now.
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