Patch 8.6 thoughts?

8.6 kinda concerns me, I’m slowly seeing AP mid laners become less and less useful and played less often than laners such as Zed, Yasuo, Talon etc. With the new items it’s made mages stronger in some cases but certain ones struggle, I used to main Lux, however her mana costs are huge and with the new items it makes it difficult to sustain mana with her, she needs looking at I think. Now about patch 8.6, what is the point in nerfing duskblade if you’re going to buff almost every champion that uses it? All we will see now is Kha and Rengar in the jungle, Zed/Yasuo/Talon mid lane unless they’re banned. Assassins in my opinion don’t need more damage, especially with the ignite buff and heal nerf along side of it, this also makes ADCs less effective. Snowball champions should be high risk high reward, but this patch makes them low risk high reward in my opinion. Your thoughts? TLDR - Why buff assassins? Mages need love! ADC role becoming useless. Games will be dominated by assassins consistently.
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