@RIOT Please fix the Aether Wing Kayle

Surely it was by accident that you gave her a lame, vanilla death animation, right? Or give her a robotic voice filter that nobody really asked for? I have to sadly say that you haven't done a really great job on this skin. Please listen to your community's feedback regarding this skin. I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of us, including me, are very unhappy with this outcome. ___________________ Top comments from the SkinSpotlight [video](https://youtu.be/7uvQTPO5z34): _"No old death animation wtf riot."_ Buhny Kween _"God that last form recall is so unbelievably clunky, I thought they would have fixed it :/"_ Michael Hernandez _"After level 11 they don't even look like wings anymore, don't like the change and no death animation difference from base skin"_ Skajosh _"Shame they didn't gave her old die animation...."_ Badi _"can i refund this skin?, is supposed to be a Legendary skin, but has the same animations and deaht of basic one, also the forms after level 11 are very odd, this skin used to be an elegant skin with smooth animations, now it feels like a 1350 skin at best, ty Riot, you need to check who is approving this decicions, bc you used to be a company who listen to players, and now even when a huge amont of players who actually own the skin gave you feedback and suggestions, you did nothing, how dissapointing :C"_ Rene Doca _"What happened to her old death animation...."_ to be continued _"Say it louder for the back. Really need to get rid of the voice. She's not wearing a helmet. I understand she's some type of cyborg. But even cyborg from teen titans didn't have a robotic tone. Maybe have it when she's wearing the helmet"_ luis cardenas _"This is a fcking legendary skin, why it has the same attack animation as the rest? fcking hell. I bought this skin way back and I am disappointed now, I want a fcking refund!"_ Nyl Acierto _"I'm sorry I still like pentakill more. this skin was better prerework. It's just to much on the robot riot just tone it down and make it like the old one and we will be happy"_ Amari Chukwura _"Biggest dissapointmemt is that other forms on this skin glow yellow at 5 basics in but final form stays at same dim blue as in second to last evolution and otger skins have badass glowy look at final evo but this goes black and has no wow effect"_ Oh yeah yeah _"I love the skin. But her voice filter it's annoying :/"_ Agustin Lozano _"why WHY does she not have a unique death animation? it's a legendary skin ffs."_ Fellefan Foxjade _"The complaints for this skin are completely justified, the auto attack animation is the same as base and the crisp aa sound and animation from the old skin are gone that were the reason a lot of people bought it, the death animation was cut, the voice filter makes no sense(seriously she doesn't even wear a helmet and is hardly a cyborg) and sounds shitty, if they're gonna give such drastic and bulky form changes they should of let us choose to stay as one of them because honestly I %%%%ing hate every form but the base form. This used to be my favorite skin in the game."_ Shadows Star _"Goodbye to this skin ; ; The attacks and voice originally were much elegant, i've gonna miss %%%%"_ Aneira Bengalski _"The really ruined the skin tho...."_ Haru Aeternum _______________ **And there's plenty more where that came from. These are all just from this one video and just 1 day ago. There's even more on the pre-release [video](https://youtu.be/BufHtuc8GIM), which came out about 2 weeks ago. People don't like it. Please listen to us.**
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