So i've been playing ranked allot recently been carrying my way to Silver 1 and i wanna climb even harder and reach higher elo's but now today yes it only happend once i got autofilled while taking Support and Mid as my role and i get autofilled as an ...ADC Bot a lane that i play less than Jungle and Top now i know this happens allot of times to other people right this is the first time that it happend to me but couldn't they atleast see i have no winrate as a botlaner i would wanna wait 5+ or 10+ minutes for our team to get a decent botlaner because i suck as a botlaner and don't wanna be the reason they lost the game, at this moment i don't care about my lp my team did pretty good and we could have won if someone else played jinx. can't they atleast autofill me to a role i actually play sometimes like jungle i would be happy with jungle a role i can actually play instead of giving me a role i play once in 3months .__.?
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