Minimum mastery for playing champs in ranked?

Just had a 'wonderful' experience. Had time for 1 ranked game before going to work. Took 15 min to get into the damn thing because of all the quee dodges. Now the grueling champion select actually went ok for once, no actual troll picks, no one raging in chat from the get go, good good so far. Game starts, everyone is connected. No remake, good good so far. My adc then decides to share that he just bought his champ. Well I won't judge, so I say play smart and safe aaaaaaaand Guy is 0 and 2 within 4 min... Enemy Adc Jinx has a BF sword before the 5 min mark and proceeds to roll over my entire team in every encounter after that despite midlane and top winning their respective lanes with my help as a jungler. Given it's an FF at 20. What a waste of 20 minutes of my life. This may be Bronze, but it already seems impossible to get a team where people don't troll or afk at random times. In the rare occassion you don't have to deal with that kind of crap, like this case, I get a really bad Adc instead. I can't report my Adc for any offense, I'm sure he did his best, which is clearly terrible, but reports where they are due. Even if I am sure he had no ill intention, it is incredibly frustrating to be queed with people like that regardless. Normal blind, the AI-mode and Aram are all great for learning how to play new champs. So why do I have to deal with that in my ranked games? What I would suggest to Riot is: Can you please please please make it so that a minimun champion mastery score is required in order to play that champ in ranked? While it would not sort out straight up bad players, it would at least ensure that you can trust your team to have a basic grasp of their champion's mechanics. Heck if I had it my way, you would have a seperate mastery system for the lanes, so people will know whether or not they are dealing with and experienced adc, jungler, midlaner etc. It is frustrating to go in expecting the best and getting destroyed because your team just can't follow through and it is equally bad for your team, if you are too careful because you don't dare trust in your teammates. And I can imagine it's even worse for the player who chose to try out a new champ, because they now have to deal with the tilt and salt of their entire team, despite having the best intentions. It's not fun for anyone!!! Unless you play in premades this is a serious problem, so it would be nice if you could implement a system that let's you know what to expect. I know that sites like loskill can give an indication, but a game mechanic that limits you to the champs you can actually play would solve a major part of this problem I think. It would also help limit the amount of players who go straight from leveling their account to playing ranked and it would also crave more effort on behalf of a smurf, possibly making leveling one less appealing. These are pretty good bonus benefits to such a system. I can imagine that this topic has been brought up before, because I think a lot of players would agree with me on this, so can you pls take this into consideration. Thank you very much.
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