What about lovable Morgana?

I was wondering if there is any remakes or such things in the store for Morgana? I play her as both mid and support and she is awesome. But I seen more and more how things are tweaked to go against those things she is The way stealth (seemingly) works now is that the root can not hit while people are stealthed and as many champs now that comes with stealth and rushes and teleports nowadays it is getting difficult to keep up. She is still viable for sure, late game anything she roots (except tanks) basically dies still the ulti requires REALLY close contact and by the time she gets that close she is um....dead. yeah there is the usage of the items that makes her immortal bu thats 2 seconds... after that she is again....dead So what about it.... remake her into being more interesting with some new stuff? perhaps the root should be invisible because it is sloooow as heck and everyone thats paying attention stands to the side. the aoe is not as deadly anymore with the amount of life steal. One funny thing, I was catching Cait doing a jungle camp, hit her with everything I had, (this is late game so my stuff hurts) and all she had to do was autoattack the minion and the life steal was so powerful she actually had more health before stun/aoe/ulti than she had before I attacked her and she consequently massacered me. So I am asking , anything interesting coming along, perhaps something to set her asdide from Lux, because those two are very similar in everything except the ulti.
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