Can you tell me why toplane got destroyed by Riot?

I puted so much effort in learning the lane and now it seems useless and there is good reasoning behind this statement, so let me list here the issues regarding champions and items that ended up making this lane boring and unfair for anyone that doesnt play toptier picks without having nearly diamond or challenger skills: 1-Sunfire Cape: This is a great issue of an item. You can buy it when you are behind and destroy your oponent for building damage because he was ahead from you in cs, lane control and map awareness. AD items are more expensive than defensive items and since Riot removed the old Last Whisper from season five, dealing with tanks becomes hard. Toplane isnt about dueling and playing the chess game with your oponent, it´s about tanks wining games because they became unkillable while still being capable of assasinating anyone or stupid champs like Fiora or Quinn exploiting the fact that Riot will never realize that they are overpowered until the year ends. 2-Quinn: the new Quinn is pure bullshit. Her blind, range and attack speed make her melt anyone in lane. You get forced to badly cs under turret most of the times makiing her snowball further only because the player X picked her against you. Her blind has no counterplay, specially because it is imposible to dodge if she iniciates with her E. That last combo can be used for disengage and wining trades without puting any effort. Her ultimate is stupid as hell and forgive my vocabulary but i am tired from Riot ignoring the fact that every other champion like Tahm Kench, Aurelion Sol, Rengar or Nocturne have cdr in their large gapclose and mobility spells while Quinn can spam her ult and roam around the map whenever she wants, imagine if Rengar could ult you all day without his long early cdr? Of course you will complain, but it seems that Rengar who had this Drawback got nerfed but Quinn still breathes freely fucking up people at toplane and all around the map. Because of her ult it´s harder to deny her farm or punish her for not staing in lane, she can get asap after roaming without the drawback of letting her lane exposed. 3-Fiora: This champion has an overloaded set of skills getting the tools to easily lifesteel early and mid game and destroy loads of toplaners without any effort. Sure, you have to get the vitals but you have your low cd Q that makes you gapclose or disengage easily so you can get the vitals or run away to win trades or get away from getting killed or ganked. Having all that she also gets extra damage and crit plus the completely unnecesary heal on her ult that makes her not only a great duelist-split pusher but also a great teamfighter. She gets everything she needs to win lane and game without many drawbacks. Riven has loads of tricks in her quit but her skill cap is much much higher than Fiora. 4-The statements made above are just to show how you can get destroyed in lane just because people picked braindead champions like Rammus, that will win the game regardless of geting behind in lane just if his teamates hold on until he gets TWO CHEAP defensive items. Rammus can kill AD champions just by standing near without requiring any skill. This is very unfair, since when skilled players have to be punished for not picking those champs? 5-It´s boring to be FORCED by a game, wich is suposed to make you have fun, into playing those champions wich you may not like but you are forced to play because if you didnt ban them you will suffer to loose and not be very impactful unless you have waaay higher skill in the game and you get succesful roams without loosing farm. And ofc there is so many more champions to ban and you can only ban six. At this time with all this champion pool in the game, maybe everyone in the team should be alowed to ban. Tell me what do you think about this but this meta is awful, the only balanced tanks seem to be Sion and Zac because ther are based of skillshots and you can clearly play around their cdrs as moments of strenght and weakness. There is so much to discuss but I want to know what you think and hopefully Riot listens and fixes this mess of a lane quickly so many people dont get frustrated by this unfair and disgusting issues. And if it doesnt happen I may swith to main midlane since you can play more different champs in that lane.
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