Games are decided before they even begin and there is no way you will change my mind

Every single game I play, no matter what role I go, there will always be at least one lane that just starts to snowball, becomes unkillable. Enemies of said beast will then just blame and tilt at eachother. The game comes to a point of no return, someone starts spamming /ff at any possible time and you just wait for it to be over. And I'm not trying to say that my teammates suck. (Well, 50% of the time they do.) There are games where my enemies just go 0/2 and start to throw, force stupid unwinnable fights. Every game is decided in the first 5 mins. And not by a gold lead / kill count, but by team's mindset. The game has become extreamly punishing for every small mistake, putting players into incredible stress. Every game there is at least one mental break down. This needs to stop. And trust me, adding new fancy skins and giving every champion more dmg is not the way to do so.
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