Yay im so happy -_-

Wtf riot whats wrong with these rankeds queue making? I was in my prmos about a week ago and i had 2 wins 2 loses..but both with good teammates that fighted hard but happened to lose ..and at the last game..boom, a frikkin 2 rankeds played guy that fed like s*** and then afk´d. Defeat ofc -_- Now i go in to play the last game for my promos ( again ) i had some good teammates like before, getting to this one : Top - Karthus Me/Jung - Sejuani Mid - Kata Adc - Lucian Supp - Morgana I told them to go tank top and supp , they didnt give af. I jst wanted to go rengar cuz since im a rengar main i´d gank way beter than sejuani and for that i needed tanks to assure some defense to our adc and mid and to distract the enemie oponents in tf.They still dont give af... Conclusion: 3 Ap, 1 tank/ap ( me ) and 1 ad only. Mid starts to feed..every time i try to gank shes alrdy engaging to die. Top starts flaming, Bot starts to feed to. The chaos enters that game..and another lose..Cmon riot i had 4 games to get promoted..4! Al lthem went excellent besides i lost 2..so why the f*** would u make me go the last games with 1 troller..or 1 afk , or feeders..like WTF is this Ranked Queue Riot...this stresses a guy u know? And i know im not the only one passing trow this right now so dont come in here saying its just unlucky or some s*** {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} GJ RITO..gj -_-
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