My opinion why NO Champ should be able to 1 v 1 Baron Nashor !

''Baron Nashor is a powerful monster that should not be confronted alone'' Heard No Assassin main EVER No seriously, there are so many champ comps today that can just keep the enemy team so long bussy, for about 20 seconds, that a late game Yi or Yasuo could easy claim it, but my question is just... Why are they able to do it?? The Baron is a huge game affecting buff, and i think no champion in League of Legends should be able to confront him alone, no matter at which state of the game So here is my idea, make champions unable to gain lifesteal on him, like, the only reason the assassins can 1 v 1 him is of the massive lifesteal, if they could add a effect like ''Passive : Poisonous blood : Champions with Lifesteal or Spellvamp are unable to gain any kind of Health back from damaging Baron nashor'' i think this would make the game way more healthy, and maybe let a team think twice if it is really that good of an Idea to do the Baron without a Tank only because they got lifesteal Your opinion ?
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