The next step in support itematisation

I have to admit that riot did a good job with the recent tank support itematisation. But just like with any other role. Their itematsation still needs improvement in the long run. Their are still plently of scenario support itematisation feels underwhelming compaired to other roles. I like to give an example for marksmen since that itematisation is the most compleet right now: * A fed enemy carry is going to blow you up: {{item:3026}} * You need waveclear/AOE damage: {{item:3087}} {{item:3085}} * A fed enemy tank is stacking armor: {{item:3035}} * A duelist tries to 1v1 you {{item:3153}} * Your CC locked: {{item:3140}} * You die from AOE damage: {{item:1053}} * Etc... Basicly a marksmen can build something for almost any situation that might apear. But how are support that different. Despite you already good options to counter AOE damage, single target damage, splitpush or simply buffing up your carries. One opening still remains that actually has dominated the meta for a long time and that's tanks. One thing a support can't do is providing your team with options to shred through armor & resistances. Your carry refuse to build last wisper or a voidstaff. Well that's gg boys. A support doesn't have an option to create an opening of counterplay against those type of situations. How riot has tried to ballance this right now is introducing tank items that makes tanks only unkillable for a brief moment like {{item:3193}} and I like it. But why don't we have an answer to create an opening for ourselfs. And don't tell me we will never have a situation it's not needed. Litterly the main reason why {{champion:21}} support ever existed when the tank meta was a big problem. I don't want to see tanks been nerfed over & over again while a simple support item could already even the odds. Here's an item that could solve this (note this is only a example in what direction it could go): * **Recipe:** {{item:3108}} + {{item:3801}} * **Unique Active:** Marks an enemy champion for 3* seconds. While marked all your allies beside yourself will ignore 25% of their total armor & magic resistance and shares the same unique passive with last wisper & voidstaff. The number is dubbled when the marked target is movement-impaired. In the duration when the marked target is movement-impaired you gain 10% movementspeed while moving towards that enemy champion. * _With the shares of the unique passive last wisper & voidstaff only the highest reduction will be aplied to each individual ally. For example voidstaff peneterates 35% of their total mr. So when the marked target is not cc'd the penetration of voistaff will be used. However when cc'd the penetration of the active is 50% and so that number will be used._ It's basicly an item that can provide your team with temporary pentration stats to take out a problem but it will never replace the real thing.
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