Dominion removal will destroy everything i love in this game... :(

I did not expect this at all... This info turn out to be true... I have played over 1000 games in this mode, played several champions by long time, played against everything, and i kept played it for a reason, besides the really long queue, this map was our home, hell man i really loved this mode so badly i could play it all the time... You are taking away our home, our friendly, toxic-less square we enjoyed. :( I loved to play your game riot, with friendly atmosphere around people i loved to play with and which i got to meet and know them by playing this mode. We enjoyed to play whatever champion we want in many different ways. We enjoyed to play soft-meta, where you could do whatever you want. I didnt seen any bots in a months riot, this point is not valid. We have less problems with balance, because snowball is even to both teams. We enjoyed epic combacks at 20 points, when we was losing badly, but managed to win in epic way with our favourite champions. And what the most i enjoyed to play, was people i knew, people i liked and we had a great fun playing premade vs premade matches at night, and the best thing about that was we are random people, we dont know each other irl, but we find out ourselves in this fantastic noob-friendly game mode. Dominion community is the most wonderful playerbase i was playing with for so long time. We never cared about map quality, we ddint care about lack of balance patches, we didnt care if riot will change anything in it, because it was our truly lovely stable game mode. And now, it is going to fly away, all the enjoyment i have will end up at 22 february... :( I am speechless, i have tears in my eyes whenever i think of wandering as a random stranger who nobody know, in queue at SR. I will not... You delete it even at EUW, where the dominion playerbase is the biggest, and the announcement appears 2 days before my birthdays, this took my breath from my lungs. For me and basically a lot of other people, removing dominion is removing our game we loved so much... :( As a dominion player, i would like to bid farewell to my friends from dominion: 173cm 68kg 24cm Jesus was High Danirenk Danzou Davis Dhian Fordkaa Fumiko Senpai Ghost bridge MaRcEi 2016 Mr3scopol Seymos Somijke verybiglama Luicean WestGrave and many many others i have played with, thank you for your time, thank you for the epic games we played together. :( Unfortunately, Riot loves to destroy, and they destroy our map we loved to play on. :( See you in the other games, at 22 february im done with the League, thanks for the years of playtime this wonderful game, which has came to the end. :( sincerely your Season 1 player. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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