Tunnel Farming : those should be reported

Hello i can say that lol is team game and i actually have enough of those players : - Farm and doesn't group to finish the game cause he wants a better grade... throwing in some cases because opponent team has a better late compo. - Farms the jungle while the team asks for grouping to counter push or in preparation for teamfight. - prefers staying in lane to farm h24 instead of counter roaming. - Only farms and extends deep alone : ending by a death. - gets tilted because he has less 10cs than his opponent si he will stay in lane instead of teamfight what his opponent does. How many games have been throwed because some peple didn't want to group and prefer gold and creeps to victory facepalm... Farming impacts your itemisation however if you can't help or be with your team you are useless and have a negative impact. Thank you !
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