Zoe Nerfs 7.24

This is mostly directed to riot themself. Okey, i understand that you guys want to keep the community happy. But lets face it, those Zoe nerfs was uneccasary. Her Winrate is below 50% and she has many Glaring weaknesses. She has a hard time landings E's in lane and her hitboxes on her ability's is pretty damn small. Now she has less consistent damage, harder to land E's and the pick up from minion's are incredibly unreliable since it got it's time halfed. Im just saying that listening to community is good and all, but if you gonna listen to low-elo player's who cries about a champion without even knowing what they do or how to counter them. Then it's a problem. Im not gonna lie, i have been enjoying Zoe a lot lately. She has a high skill ceiling and she is incredibly fun, but nerfing her just because people doesn't know how to play against her is just dumb. This is just my opinion. Edit: Okey, Smerk told me that it's only 20 second's to Pick It Up, you still have 40 seconds to use it. My bad.
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