Can we finally nerf that stupid ass rat?

Yeah having 850 attack speed and penetrating shots in ultimate with +25% AS from Ardent Censer item is perfectly balanced. If combined with strong support in this meta like lulu or janna he can just chill and destroy everything from safe distance and if you try to do something to him he's just gonna get shielded or you get peeled off and bonus 50% AS from q. This piece of sh*t champion needs some serious tuning and the worst of all is that riot doesn't even care about him. Riot is just doing some weird shit with veigar while letting twitch destroy yolo q. Maybe a little nerf on his ultimate or q would be fine. Reduce his ultimate range, his ultimate duration or do something with bonus AS from Q. Anything really. And don't try to argue that he is squishy and immobile. No he definitely isn't when he's got tons of shileds from his support, huge lifesteal and attack speed. So Riot, please fix.
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