Mordekaiser is actually overrated.

Hey guys, I have noticed a lot of people and i mean A LOT of people complaining about morde being overpowered and honestly i dont think he is in the slightest. Just some pointers that show morde really isn't as strong as you think **His ult**: this thing has so many counterplay options its actually kinda sad this "DUEL ME" concept is actually just a "screw you morde im rushing qss or hourglass so you cant do anything to me" ult, early game its decent but honestly its absolutely worthless in late game because there are just way too many counterplay options. Heck, even early game if you are against gangplank its game over you cant ult him at all because of his oranges. If they want it to be for successful duelling i would decrease the size of the arena to stop champs from just running away and qss shouldn't remove it, if qss doesn't remove zed ult i dont see why this should. Also, just to point out this ult is never actually used for duelling its almost always used to remove the enemies strongest champ from a teamfight which is honestly just bad game design its not over powered by any means its just it doesn't work the way it was intended which is sad. **His lane phase/early game**: he has some damage in lane phase i wont lie but honestly you are never going to use your passive damage EVER in the lane phase, why? because any dash heck even running away and morde is either gonna put himself in a really shit position and get himself killed but a smart morde will know that and just never use that damage therefore making the passive absolutely useless it even pushes your wave which you could also fck yourself over doing. Id say the decent stuff he has early game is his damage but honestly i think darius does a way better job at early game kill pressure than morde does. All you have to do is pick a ranged champ and Mordekaiser is absolutely fcked he has no way to close the gap consistently he will lose and fall off the game pretty quickly. **Rune options**: Morde actually doesn't a have a staple rune setup that is absolutely the best option for him a lot of people have been running conquerors but honestly just walk away from him he has no way to stick to you and use it properly, His sustain is honestly that bad he is forced to run taste of blood and ravenous hunter every single time he cant take those off or he is instantly a lot weaker. I have personally been running conquerors just as a test but after playing him a lot i can tell its just not good it isn't consistent and it relies on the enemy to make mistakes to be good i honestly think the best but even then they aren't great options and those are phase rush and fleetfoot work. Even with all these obvious big weaknesses, his late game and teamfight options are excellent he can really do some crazy good synergy stuff with other champs but he is no where near "broken" as a lot of the lower elo players have been saying they just need to learn the champ and after that I honestly see a decline in the champs future he is just so linear. He will always be decent i think but i still think the best juggernaut for soloq is Darius and probably always will be.
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