Plat1-2 is HELL

So, im stuck between plat 1-2. I have been demoted 3 times to plat2 already, just after i get demoted i climb to plat1 without much problems and then get demoted again. Im at plat 1 right now, won 1 match that gave me 20LP, lost 2 matches: -16 and -4 LP, if i lose the next match im going to get demoted to Plat2 for the 4th time and i cant really believe this is happening again, im about to lose my nerves. Im a support main, that means i cant carry my games even if the result in bot is usually a stomp for us... what am i supposed to do to get diamond, forcefully change role? I DONT KNOW what to do to get out of this hell-ish loop anymore.
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