Current Yorick ultimate makes me hurt to play Yorick overall

Since the turret plates were introduced, I was in great pain playing Yorick. And I have played a lot (more than 150k points for a few months) There are too many problems with it. Problem 1: high turret priority on maiden. I can't push. I literally can't push the lane. Without the siege minion it's only possible to only remove 1 plate with the cost of your maiden or 1 tower hit equivalent left so you have to instantly recall anyway. It only follows you when you run really far and it doesn't care about being damaged. Maiden summon countdown on level 1 is burdensome 150 seconds. During these 150 seconds you're much weaker. So the only way to push before level 11 is 1) sacrificing your advantage 2) not using it at all? 3) painfully waiting for siege, putting yourself under the risk of dying from enemy jungler because it's TIME. I understand that this mechanic was introduced before turret plates announcement but with current mechanics whole turret plates thing is a very indirect but very painful nerf to Yorick Problem 2: very low stats for 1lvl Maiden. Passive only gives 3% of damage which is twice less than level 2. Why not make it 4% at level 1? There's no problem in 6%/9% (nerfed already) in level 2/3, but level 1 Maiden damage is really ridiculous. Problem 3: there's no mechanic to help this thing. It's being focused. Constantly. I'm used for it. But I never could help it. It's just slow as hell. Why not give it a slight haste when casting E regardless where it lands? Or make it "run" to the direction of E cast? There are plenty of ultimates that can be controlled (Tibbers, Ivern, old Mordekaiser ulti which btw was insanely better than Maiden) but Yorick ultimate is supposed to be a dumb thing that dies. Feels bad guys.
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