So, this is a weird one. I'm starting to learn Gp at the moment and as usual( i guess?), I wasn't very good with him so far. However, I had this one game against a Galio mid that really tilted me. He got First blood at level 3 - we were both at full health, i hit him wih my passive, q-ed a barrel that hit him, got my passive off again, dodged his e AND his q and he still just outdamaged me super hard. Now i know GP's not an early game champ but i got flamed really hard for being useless in that game even though i feel like i did everything right. I rushed Hexdrinker after the First Blood and still got 100-0-ed by him all the time, and that is with dodging most of his abilities AGAIN. From then on he started snowballing so hard that he could just towerdive me all the time. He also roamed bot which I used as an opportunity to farm but as soon as I got my two-item-powerspike, the enemies were so ahead that I still did like legitimately ZERO damage. So do you guys have any tips on what to do when falling behind as GP, for example against a Galio that does absurd damage even when dodging more than half of his combo? :/
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