New Taric - Some concerns... His design and possible pressure to change him from his LGBT Status.

I am worried that the new Taric design will play down the LGBT Elements of Taric's character. I honestly believe that Riot wanted to make champions who appealed to all of society in general and I feel that the LGBT Community gets a fair nod with {{champion:44}} and the implied romance between {{champion:131}} and {{champion:89}}. Taric has been a great laugh in the community for a number of years, his visual design was very much based on an old 80's cartoon hero (like He-man) and I feel that he loses this feeling with his new visual update. Regardless of intentional or not, Taric is considered a "gay" champion in his mannerisms, voice and his overall design and this is something the community has taken to their hearts so I hope Riot does not change the elements that make him great in order to please a more conservative demographic from less liberal countries. (I live in the UK where we have freedom and equality for Homosexuals and its something I am very proud of my country for.) I just hope that Riot keep the elements of his character and the community perception of him because I personally believe that Taric does a lot for the community. I really hope that Riot has not chosen to "play it safe" and actually try to make some bold statements because it was nice to actually have a gay character in this game as it shows that Riot are as progressive a company as say Bioware and I hope they do not get pressured into changing him too much. As a gay person myself, I do not feel we as a community are represented in many games and its nice to see companies actually bring in elements to show that being a homosexual is not a disease or "wierd" but just a natural choice in life. I have always been proud that Riot seems to be on the same page as this too so please do not change too much about him. (I also like his kit the way it currently is too) Oh and his new splash art... totally looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. XD [Link Here](
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