Champion stereotypes~

Goo' Morning guys! It's a topic I usually don't care about, but after encountering it a bit more just recently I thought it would be nice to just discuss a bit about it. (that and I somehow need to satisfy my boards addiction) **But there is a kinda rule I want to establish:** Try to not generalize, and more importantly, assume that the others don't generalize. It's easy to overlook and just say 'all Swains' in Terms of a stereotype. We all are aware that stereotypes don't work for everyone who plays that Champion, but always having to specify this can get tiring. ------------------ What mainly made me think about it is the 'Janna just Spams E' one. Because even when I did use Q to turn fights, they still said I was only E-ing. Q_Q Going along the line of my mains, I think there was something about Lux always KSing and being a 'stat player' (as in not assissting anyone if there aren't kills in it for her). But that's one I hardly see mentioned in my games. And that makes me wonder if there are already stereotypes for Taliyah... maybe that she always overpushes and gets destroyed by the enemy jungle? x3 (That one actually seems to work really well for Darius.) ------------ And to not leave it out, the one the classifies certain champions as 'toxic'. I personally feel like this one holds little truth, as I have met any sort of Champion with any sort of attitude by now. On that note... I used to classify Dravens as really nice People before the whole Tyler1 memes. :o --------------- Ofc we can discuss about any Champion or even role stereotypes, whatever Comes to your mind, I'd love to just learn more about what people think regarding this. ^.^
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