Rito pls

We don't have a Kled skin. We practically don't. We know Kled is hard to make skins for, and we know that he doesn't fit into many genres. But please show Kled some love. Sir Kled was a disaster nobody likes it. Any kled main would tell you it's practically a joke tier skin. Please give us anything, even KLED CHROMAS. Just some gosh darn chromas so that my baby Kled will have something, anything other than the default skin. Every other champion has a skin, even void bringer illaoi is superior. So please, give Kled a chance <3. Some people will like Sir Kled, but that's purely because of the Chocobo basis, and I also think it's quite silly for the release/only skin for a champion to be to fit the desires of a fanbase. When the champion is for everyone, and I do not care for chocobos in the slightest. It doesn't add anything for me and anyone I've met who likes Sir Kled is due to the Chocobo foundation. Concerning "Yorick and Illaoi" also only have one, that is true. But as far as 95% of Kled players are concerned Kled has 0. At least they have one that is actually moderately popular with the players.
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