Karthus Ult, why should it be changed?

Karthus ult - easy, strong, unavoidable, and bloody boring to watch. G2 vs team Vit today was just another proof of how stupid karthus ult is. Its not only possible to gank lanes from the other side of the screen but also killing all the fun in watching the game. I dont think i was the only one finding this particular game being a classic example of how karthus ruins the game. Absolutely unwatchable. Broken and boring at the same time. Also everyone keeps joking about Karthus player just pressing R, but after half a year of seeing this in practice it gets old, does anyone even find it funny anymore? Riot please do something about this. Make it either harder to pull off or deal less damage or at least somehow more spectacular, cuz at the moment it just feels like a cheat.
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