So why exactly is blind pick stil in the game? Why? "Cuz new players are too stupid for draft" Rly ?

so fcking %%%%%%ed, completely waste of time... the people there are completely braindead they run around into all lanes or go afk or whatever. i dont fcking understand it. why are new players forced to play until lvl 10 and 20 champs? why? they too stupid to use draft pick? if they are then they should play bot games. blind pick is a complete hell hole 30 games u have to play or so to get lvl 10 its a complete shidhole.... last game i played 2v5 cuz 2 people went afk right at the beginning and the other guy didnt bought items and just fed his brain off. why? the biggest question is, why do i still play this game. all my friends quitted league and im still here on a new account for what... im so stupid for playing league. riot is biggesst shid company ive ever seen in the gaming industry even %%%% companies like activision or EA do a better job at creating games.
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